All our activities offer to visitors a variety of experiences which are all developed by our expert jungle guides. Our guests begin their adventure through canoe rides, fishing, wildlife viewing or exploring the jungle on unforgettable hikes through primary rain forest.

Safety is very important to us and the use of life jackets is mandatory.


Reconnaissance Trip

On arrival to ANACONDA AMAZON ISLAND your first contact with nature will be travelling through the waterways by motorized canoe. Guests will have the chance to observe flocks of parrots, flowering orchids and between the months of November and January sand beaches are formed near the Rio Negro.

Piranha Fishing

Travelling through the streams of the Rio Negro on wooden canoes, your guide will take you to the best places to catch the famous piranha. In this activity you will have the opportunity of catching the three main types of Piranha found in the Amazon, Piranha Caju (the most common and most aggressive), Black Piranha and Silver Piranha. The best time of the year to go fishing begins in September through to March during the dry season.

Alligator Spotting

Navigating the channels in small wooden canoes you shall experience the jungle by night with only the moon, stars and flashlights to guide you.
Your guide will track down and catch by hand Caiman alligators that are abundant in this region then return them to their natural habitat.
This is a unique chance for you to appreciate this animal’s beauty and elegance in its natural habitat.

Swimming with Freshwater Dolphins

Visit a native floating platform where your guide will call the famous pink Dolphins by using vibrations from hitting the water.
This special activity gives you a unique chance to swim, feed and interact with the Dolphins. During the activity you will also have an opportunity to film and photograph these magnificent animals.

Jungle Walk

Trekking through the Amazon rain forest is a very unique and fantastic experience recommended to all visitors. Take a hike to the core of the jungle to see nature at it’s finest. Step through the Amazon, observe the diversity of the animals, plants and insects,feel the natural heat and humidity of the rain forest. You guide will lead you on a journey through the Amazon while teaching all types of knowledge of the surrounding environment.
There are a wide variety of medicinal plants, different types of trees and insects often used by the natives. Tourists will have the opportunity to see many kinds of vine, rubber trees, and the Samaumeira, which is the largest tree in the region among others. During the walk the guide will also explain about the rich and lush biodiversity typical of this region.


Explore the jungle in a wooden canoe paddling through streams and flooded forest only during the wet season. During the rainy season this is one the most spectacular features of this region as the vast forests are flooded by water from the Rio Negro River.
The animals that live in this region ranging from fish to reptiles and mammals adapt incredibly to these flooded areas, which are flooded for almost 7 months of the year. We hope the visitors will be able to enjoy the incredible sounds, landscapes and animals that nature has to offer.

Visit to a Native Community

Depart to visit the families of native “Caboclo” or “Riverside” people who live in the forest still living by their indigenous traditions. You will experience their lifestyle where they only use natural resources to feed their families and build their homes. There will also be the chance to see how they produce their own homemade flour and be shown around their Cassava plantations of regional fruits and medicinal plants.

Visit an Indigenous Tribe

Among our cultural attractions, visitors have the opportunity to experience the day-to-day life of the Indigenous: Dessana, Tukano, Tuyuka, and Tatuia Uanano, who still live a traditional way of life.
You shall visit the “Oca Dessana” located in the area of the protected nature reserve Tupé and see their traditional lifestyle and practices that keep their culture intact.
The natives maintain their customs and traditions, which include social rules, religious and political values. They are also self-sufficient as they grow their own foods and medicines.
Their skills include making handicraft items like headdresses, necklaces, and making baskets, mats, pots, etc.

Visit to Paricatuba Village

Your visit to Paricatuba and its ruins will give you a chance to understand its rich history and see one of the most magnificent architectural works in the Amazon.
Originally the construction was a hostel for Italian immigrants since at that time, the State of Amazonas (Brazil) had a strong economic growth because of the extraction of rubber in Amazon region.
In the early 1900s the building started to be used as a prison (the House of Detention) until 1924 when it started to be used as a hospital for collection and treatment of lepers who lived in the Manaus Area.
Unfortunately due to many years of neglect Paricatuba has been left in a fragile state which makes understanding this historic site all the more important.

Overnight in the Jungle

Traveling by motorized canoe you will camp overnight in primary forest on the Rio Negro. In this activity your native guide will teach you how to survive in the Amazon using only natural resources without damaging the ecosystem.
Your guide will prepare breakfast and dinner over an open fire. At night you will warm around the log fire and sleep in hammocks. Mosquito nets and hammocks will be provided by Anaconda Amazon Island.
At night you will enjoy the endless noises of the Amazon and countless stars in the sky. After breakfast you shall trek through the forest and have a chance to swim in the river before returning to Anaconda Amazon Island.

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